Priscilla Angelique is a London based British singer songwriter, music producer and academic. Influenced by jazz music and early hip hop culture she developed her style as a scat singer giving her a jazzy vocal and soulful vibe. She produces Soulful House, UK Garage and Nu Jazz among other styles of dance music. Her Soulful house single Aftershock showcases her vocals and Latin dance vibes can be heard in her single You Don’t Seem to Know. Her debut album Positive Digital is heavily jazz influenced and saturated with electro house beats and tech synths. It has been compared to the work of Joey Negro, Armando Gallop and Ron Trent Jr. DJ Lil Jon of Chicago’s 5 Magazine describes it as ‘tasty ear candy, and a refreshing change of pace in a watered down, cookie-cutter music industry’. Collaborations include a dubstep/hip hop crossover track with Oakland CA artist Major D called Holla. What makes the track enjoyable, according to Noho Arts District reviewer David Mariam, is the ‘fusion of different influences’. They collaborate again on the hip hop crossover track Curious. She produced Soulful house tracks I’ll Fly and Gonna Be Lovely for The Urbanists and produced a dance remix of Angela Blacklaw’s soul track Vanilla Love. Other collaborations include remixes of Peace with Trance producer DJ Coeur Extasie aka DJ S.V.M and progressive house DJ Andrian Rack. Whether being compared to Jill Scott, Estelle or Ms Dynamite she is forging her way through the underground music scene and is one to watch out for.

Dancing Days

Priscilla Angelique was also a dancer who went by the alias Pepper T.  She was a member of the Rock City Crew (UK), also known as the X-Treeme Team, during their heyday in the late 1980s though barely a teenager. She was a body popper, break dancer and also did robotics.  She made numerous appearances on tv shows like Solid Soul and the BBC’s music show called Dance Energy as a dancer. Members of the crew were featured in the documentary NG83 – When We Were BBoys which also features artists such as Goldie, Bionic Sly, K.I.D, Bubbles, Benji Ried, Trix and others.  The impact of the crews such as the Rock City, Crew and other artists of that time is also discussed in John Robb’s book ‘The North Will Rise Again’.